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It has diverse ethnicity, geography, and language. People of different religions or faith are living there. For the past few decades, international migration to the NY has increased to a great extent which gradually increased the population of the state.

Population in New York City

In 2014 it is estimated that the total population of the state is raised up to 19.75 million. NYC is one of the most populated cities in the state. Almost 40% population of the state is in this city. It is an economically most developed and powerful city in the world.

Muslims Population in New York:Muslims Population in New York

Muslims covers 3% population of NY, USA

575,000 Muslims lives in New York, USA
230,000 Muslims lives in NYC

As Islam is the third largest religion in the USA. Muslims are in large number in the New York. About 3% population is of Muslims. Meanwhile, there are 575,000 Muslims residing in New York, among which 230,000 Muslims populated in NYC.

There are a large number of Mosques in the state for the Muslims.

Muslims are free to offer their religious obligations and prayers. They celebrate all their religious festivals and traditions without any difficulty.

There are no prohibitions on the Muslims regarding their religious activities and duties. Various Islamic organizations are working in the state for the development and protection of Muslims rights living in the New York.


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