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What is a Muslim prayer? Elaborating Muslim terms Namaz, Salah and Salat

Prayers (salah) signify a set of custom body movements and words “Islamic prayer words” said by the person offering the prayer, and at fixed times in 5 times prayer of day and night. Allah says in Qur’an, “Verily, the prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours”. (Quran 4:103)

About Prayer Why pray? Different types of Muslim Prayers:

What are different types of Muslim prayers in Islam

The terms “Namaz, Salah and Salat” are used as Prayer in Islam or Muslim Prayers that contains several sub Muslim Prayer types

Prayer in Islam is called “Namaz“, “Salah” or “Salat“. The answer to the question “why pray” is because it’s the very basic need of every Muslim. For Muslims Namaz is the way of asking for their needs from ALLAH (S.W.T), ALLAH (S.W.T) says that you “a Muslim” can ask any thing from me in Namaz. Secondly, namaz is the only way from which a Muslim can ask ALLAH (S.W.T) for his or her forgiveness. Further, there are different types of Salat “jummah prayer” or Friday prayer, “fajr prayer“, “dhuhr prayer“, “asr prayer“, “maghrib prayer“, “isha prayer“. The prayer for forgiveness in Islam is “Salat Tasbeeh“. Mean while Salatul tasbeeh is the prayer of forgiveness for Muslims. Secondly, salatul tasbih is one among the famous nafl namaz in Islam. Some other Spritual prayers in islam are tahajjud, salat tasbih, salat ul tobah, salatul istikhara and etc.

Hadith on Muslim Prayers:

Hadith Source: Questions on Islam & Hadith about Prayers

Hadith regarding Prayers reported by Hz. Abu Umama (ra)

The Prophet states the following:

“There is nothing superior to a person who is given by Allah the opportunity to perform a two-rak’ah prayer giving. As he is busy with praying, goodness and good deeds are poured onto him.”

(Musnad Ahmad)
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